Menu items will come in Full Pan or Half Pan sizes

Golden Fried Shrimp Half 50

Wingin' It Full/60 Half 45

Fryfecta Half 40

Fried Catfish Full/90 Half 70

Fried Chicken Full/80 Half 60

Short Ribs Full/150 Half 75

Oxtails Full/150 Half 75

Macaroni And Cheese Full/80 Half 60

Sweet Potato Cornbread Full/60 Half 40

Fried Okra Half 40

Candied Yams Full/65 Half 45

Cuzn Rick's Baked Beans Full/65 Half 45

Collard Greens Full/65 Half 45

Mashed Potatoes Full/65 Half 45

Potato Salad Full/65 Half 45

Peach Cobbler Full/80 Half 55


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